Nike Gives Women the Ball

How do you show female basketball players that Nike understands them, cares about them and wants them to achieve their potential? Be a banner for every fan who wants their game to get better. Recognize that greatness needs room to practice, to grow and to fail in order to succeed. Find places to play online or in the real world. And prove to women that their time to get in the game is now. It’s our ball.

A SERIES OF SPOTS, VIDEOS AND OUTDOOR ADVERTISING inspired WOMEN TO take the BALL, will launch our all-new app and introduce our athletes.

Pre-Roll: "Check"

Shot in a true-to-life style with WNBA stars dressed, in Nike street clothes, going up against unsuspecting male ballers across the country. The spot then drives to longer form content, behind the scenes footage and real interviews. Leaving lots of room for candid moments and real reactions, the spot could go something like this:


We open on the Great Lawn courts in Central Park as an athletic guy takes the ball past an opponent. He does a crossover, then passes. A blur whips in front of him and intercepts it, leaving him shocked.

Cut to a different court, this time on the West Coast. SUPER: LA

We see palm trees in the distance, an orange sun in the sky. A guy goes for a layup just as Candace Parker slaps the ball out of his hands. She greets the perfect rejection with a cheeky smile.  

Cut to another court, a grittier town.

Skylar Diggins bounces the ball off her opponent, then fakes him out. Right when it seems two players have her cornered, she passes it to a teammate just now stepping onto the court.


We cut back to NYC to see Elena Delle Donne with the intercepted ball, joined by her female teammates. We cut to men vs women games in other cities: PHILADELPHIA, ATLANTA, HOUSTON. Everything builds until finally two teammates execute the perfect alley-oop. A guy checks the scorer the ball, and play continues.

We pan down to the asphalt court.

SUPER: It’s our ball.

The super flips to become the NIKE+ BASKETBALL LOGO

SUPER: Get in the game.


Barack may have skills, but Michelle’s got moves of her own. Following on the heels of our “Check” video, we’ll show women that basketball really is our sport by pitting the First Couple against each other in a showdown video designed to break the internet.

next, Nike’s pros lead the charge, launching an app designed to make it easy for women to find friends, opponents and places to get back in the game.

Top female pro-ballers like Elena Delle Donne, Skylar Diggins, Sue Bird and Tamika Catchings are our Nike+ WNBA Coaches. These remarkable women athletes will help women become the best players they can be, demonstrating new moves, providing encouragement and offering tips to up everyone’s game.

The all-new app Nike+ Basketball App connects women of all ages to the basketball lifestyle. It tracks, trains and empowers athletes to achieve their full potential. And to prove that Nike is on their team, the app will be skinned and designed for women first.

The app uses augmented reality to let athletes get coaching on any court. Just line the phone up with the court to watch WNBA stars execute moves with perfect form. Next, users can film themselves practicing the same moves to get overlay comparisons and pointers from the Nike+ WNBA Coaches themselves.

The Nike+ Basketball App ensures athletes always have someone to play with by connecting them to opponents, teammates and female-friendly gyms. Nike+ WNBA Coaches may even surprise people at their games, upping the ante with limited edition gear for the victors. Users can also sign up for live pop up clinics coached by WNBA pros, where they can learn more about finding gear that’s right for them.

Nike will also host basketball camps across America so that Nike+ WNBA Coaches can give tomorrow’s prospects the guidance and mentorship they need for greatness.

Applicants not scouted from their schools can audition using the app’s existing functionality to sign up and submit footage. Then we’ll create web docs capturing their development and coaching to further inspire the basketball community.

a series of workouts, surprise events and outdoor activations will GEt NIKE FANS AND NEW PLAYERS EXCITED TO try basketball with our new app.

Basketball conditioning workouts led by WNBA stars on our Nike Training Club app raises awareness of the Nike+ Basketball App and gets users ready to play for real.

The Nike Training Club brings women together to play and train, with live basketball conditioning events and surprise games led by Nike+ WNBA Coaches.

Outdoor activations using augmented reality and AI let your city’s Nike+ WNBA Coaches refresh you on the basics. Mini-games and quick lessons teach people the tricks to guarding, blocking and shooting against the league’s top players. This activation is also available over Kinect so challengers can learn WNBA secrets at home.

we don’t just help women up their basketball game, but their style game too. Custom design options and collaborations let them feel 'on' all the time.

Nike is becoming the WNBA’s official on-court apparel provider in 2017, the perfect opportunity to let all women create their own gear with NIKEiD. Different cuts, colors and graphics let women express their true selves. And to prove that Nike is for everyone, we’ll work with high school teams in need to create sponsored NIKEiD jerseys that students design themselves.

Women want basketball shoes that make a statement on the court and on the street. We’ll dominate the runway and the competition by collaborating with top designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Louis Vuitton. Their creations will be offered on our Nike+ SNKRS app, where sneakerheads and fashionistas alike can see how each sneaker seamlessly merges creativity and innovation.