The Fleming's 100 Collection

Fleming’s curated collection of 100 wines by the glass features something for everyone, including rare varietals you can’t get anywhere else. Since wine drinkers mostly stick with what they know, we needed a way to get them to make the leap.

Working off the insight that people are more likely to try wines recommended by an expert they know and trust, we introduced audiences to Maeve Pesquera—educator, mom, and Fleming’s National Director of Wine.

Through a series of online videos, Maeve showed viewers her slice of the wine world, helping them understand just how special Fleming’s unique relationship with winemakers truly is.

Videos also revealed other facets of Maeve’s life, making her somebody anyone could relate to and care about.

In the end, people were so affected by Maeve’s passion for wine that she developed a social media following of her own. And more people than ever now order from the Fleming’s 100.