The #SoNotMeh Nissan Altima

In a market flooded with interchangeable options, the Nissan Altima's features and styling differentiate it from the pack. To help connect the Altima with individuals who like to keep things interesting, we created a digital campaign showcasing how the Altima makes life #SoNotMeh.

To make drivers' rides #SoNotMeh, we made the first ever car card game.

Each game consists of two decks and a custom card sleeve that fits in the car's cupholder. The driver draws a Destination card, and passengers draw Altimatum cards featuring fun challenges to do when they get there.

We Launched the game using TWO of our target's favorite social media couples who epitomize the #SoNotMeh lifestyle .

Our influencers also featured the Altima on their vlogs, showing viewers how the car makes everything from dates to day jobs #SoNotMeh. 

Within hours all the games were claimed and over 1.4 million people watched our videos.